Google I/O Device Lab
July 7, 2014

One of my highlights from Google I/O this year was the Device Lab that Matt Gaunt and I built to show developers how their site looks across the multi-device web. It was a really cool thing to see all kinds of different sites working on phones, phablets, tablets, computers and even TVs.

Raspberry Pi Quick Start
August 27, 2013

Last night, I needed to re-image the SD card for my Raspberry Pi to get things setup from a clean state. It’d been a few months since I initially did it, and couldn’t remember exactly what I’d installed, or what config changes I’d made, so I figured I’d document things a little better this time. So, here they are. I’ve pushed all of the scripts and config files up as a few Gists on GitHub to make it easier to edit or change them later.

A web UI for my Pi
August 14, 2013

My project this weekend on my home automation system was two-fold, first I wanted to clean up the code and make it a bit more object oriented, but I also wanted to add a web interface that is accessible outside my apartment.

Home Automation For Geeks
July 9, 2013

I’ve always had a fascination with home automation systems, things that make your life easier and computers that do the stuff that I’m too lazy to do. In college, I had my tiny little apartment in Ottawa all wired up with X10 and this weekend, I “finished” my most recent creation. Though honestly, is it ever really done?

High DPI: Tips and Tricks
May 22, 2013

During the presentation that John Mellor and I did at I/O this year covering building beautiful websites for high DPI displays, we summarized our talk into about 7 key points.